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Sometimes I will create a design that I like and then hunt for the pieces that most closely resemble those forms. And sometimes I see a piece that is just so amazing that it calls to be used in a certain way and I completely design around that central piece.  I work best when I’m swimming in the material with a mental map of the forms and objects that allow for inspiration and flow between the organic and man-made.

Meet Brian Enright

12STICKS lead designer

My mission as an artist is to create pieces of value to individuals, communities and future generations. I work with historic artifacts from within communities where my pieces are to be installed to engage local audiences and create a sense of place in many ways. The present must be utilized to honor and help us remember the wisdom of the past, and hopefully to keep it safe into the future.


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Same Design Philosophy, Different Art Applications


12STICKS embraces a comprehensive approach to artistic expression through the human experience.  Throughout the breadth of different forms & uses, you’ll notice some recurring themes that define the 12STICKS design philosophy.

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Working with Brian is always surprising, delightful, and productive. I have rarely met anyone as consistent, creative, and committed to his partnership with his clients. His work at our school helped transform the space and it has inspired the students every day since the job was finished. We recommend him constantly.
Gever Tulley, Co-Founder, SF Brightworks K-12 School, TED Speaker, Author of 50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do)
I’ve worked with Brian on several large commissions ranging from custom welded tables and sculptures to custom barn doors and detailed wood-working. He’s one of the most creative and hard-working people I know, and it’s beyond a joy to get to work with him.
Nate Bolt, Founder, Ethnio. Former Design Research Manager at Facebook and Instagram. Co-Author of Remote Research.
Brian has the unique ability to transform design constraints into fertile ground for thoughtful and meaningful artistic expression. I led Brian and a team of 50+ artists and creators for a large-scale artistic production and Brian is one of the most responsible, diligent, and brilliant artists I have ever had the joy to work with. From the very first design brainstorm to project completion, Brian consistently delivered fresh and inspiring ideas while effectively collaborating with the larger team to deliver projects on time and on budget. And everyone who has seen Brian’s work is impressed with the ingenuity and craftsmanship.

I believe Brian is one of the most talented public art sculptors in American and I couldn’t speak highly enough of his person, his vision, and his work.

Henry Finkelstein, Cirko Teleskòptico

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