My work is all about recharging our connection with our communities and the natural world. I create pieces of value for individuals, communities, future generations and hence society at large through work that is place based and focused on the history and community where I am installing. The work brings people together in both dialogue, physical engagement and interaction. 

Historic objects are elevated, highlighted and honored in their new role.  Currently, there are often frames and abstract geometric webs of metal and wood that form connections in the work. Both physically between objects and between the era and function they once had with the modern reality and purpose they now embody. Sometimes it is the beauty of an object’s form and other times its function that keeps it from being thrown out (i.e. killed) in our culture. Lifecycles, the spirit world, survival and interconnection all are themes in the work which aims to educate, elevate or heal all who interact with it on a conscious or subconscious level.

Our creativity as humans is one of our greatest strengths. But our greatest strength can become our greatest weakness if we do not consider how to wield it, work with it and think about why we even have it in the first place.