Brian comes from Finnish, Irish and Germanic peoples, via Minnesota and birthed in San Francisco California near the waves of Ocean Beach. He is moved by things that are alive. He is moved by lines that tell stories. By the movement and flow and perfect composition of nature and by the fire and precision of industry. Balance has been a theme for many years, but moving through balance of the individual (person or piece) and into balance between individuals (or bodies of work) through unique honest expression has recently come to the forefront. Forever seeking a more intelligent design (which is really a return to the perfect systems that have been on this planet for millennia), he sees an evolution for society in knowing better our shared history. What is possible in this major world system, with all the necessary elements for happiness? What happens at those places where they interact. Fire and water, earth and air. Metal and wood. Artifacts and structural steel. Grasses and Laser cuts. He paints as a continual exercise which informs the sculptural work and vice versa. He seeks to honor those who have come before him and taught him so many things. About art, life, efficiency, creativity, love, femininity and masculinity, how to show that you care not just tell them and in helping others to become truly happy.  He strives everyday to push himself into new found levels of happiness and gratitude.

He has recently been incorporating historic artifacts from wherever he makes work. The pieces beg questions of what is it, how was it used, when?, where in this town was it active?, how does it connect to our current time and place?, why is it important? Through these he seeks to create works that are of value to individuals, communities, future generations and hence society at large by bringing the audience into dialogue. Both with the past of their community, themselves and with each other in the present moment. To get to a state of “intuition surfing” in the work where what is shared is a conscious and subconscious conversation. He wonders what the next chapter will be about, and challenges you to write it with him.