My background is in Cognitive Science with a focus on Cognitive Ethnography and Human Computer Interaction. I studied environments, interfaces and how people actually use things to get tasks accomplished. When I am asked to design or redesign a space, I look at that whole environment as an interface. How is it or will it be used by the people there? Not hypothetical users. What are the people already doing in those places and how can the design help them to achieve that? Whether it be to relax, or to take action. Where are the places that seem unusable? How can we make them more so? How can we do that in a creative and aesthetically pleasing way? As a designer I ask myself how to do that in a way that you will know it was me, yet is cohesive with the space and design as a whole?

In both my sculpture and space design I’m creating a story. And I’m leaving little clues for people to consciously or subconsciously pick up on. I find those little things to be so fulfilling because when im in those kinds of spaces, they put me in a state of wonder. What will be around the next corner? What other clues can I find if i keep my eyes open? And what does this tell me or what am I learning about myself in the process?