Project Description


Design Specifications/Challenge: Design, build and oversee the construction of an outdoor music venue, community park and playground built from the historic artifacts of the town. Do this at the end of a 60 mile dirt road in Alaska. You have four years.

Inspiration: The Wild and Beautiful McCarthy, Alaska!, Marcel Duchamp, Mad Max, Zane Grey.

Process: This commission (still going til the fall of 2017) has required everything from the finding of artifacts, welding of all types of metal, creative connections between pieces, and an overarching cohesive design, to getting on the excavator and digging the holes for the cement truck to pour in the footers. On top of that there was management of all types of resources (our supply truck comes once a week) and building something that is interactive, safe, stimulating and of value to the community.
The first part of this project has been to create the perimeter fence. As pictured and shown here in the timelapses. These photos and videos represent two years worth of work by the Lead Sculptor and his assistants.

Final Design: Creating anything in a small community is bound to be seen and vocalized about. When that piece is on Main Street, even more so. The feedback that we heard was of gratitude for a new landmark being put into the town and thankfulness at the positive changes made and to come to an overlooked centerpiece of town. This project is a dream project for any sculptor and an honor to be a part of.