Project Description

Design Specifications/Challenge: Work with Interior Designer Gina Gutierrez  to completely redesign and remodel a small San Francisco apartment in Alamo Square. Utilize wood salvaged by the owner into the design elements.

Inspiration: William McDonough, Bloodhound SF, Urban Ore

Process: Custom Woodworking with salvaged Oak, Custom Fabrication of corner nightstands from metal and wood. Installation of the wood wall, sliding door and all custom pieces.

Final Design: Featured on both GinaRachelleDesign and This project was a beast. We were in cramped quarters working to make the final design seamless. And it turned out great! The space totally transformed. Working with salvaged wood as raw building material is always interesting; there is so much story and richness that comes through in the pieces.
We actually took out an existing wall and replaced it with the wooden one you see here. Much better from both sides!
There was also a very custom set of corner nightstands that were a design challenge to figure out. Specifically the hinges and how to get the doors to open well and look clean at the same time is a lot different on a 45˚ angle than a 90˚. As usual though, the big challenges are the most rewarding and that is the piece that is commented on the most from all the design feedback that we get from this project.