Project Description

Design Specifications/Challenge: Create a custom display table and display stands to stand out at trade shows and for use in-house at Crown Nine, a boutique jewelry shop in Oakland. The overall table top dimensions must be 55”x30”, but it must breakdown and fit into the back of a Scion. No single piece can be longer than 4 feet (48”) in length. And it must be easy enough for the owner to put together and take apart with minimal tools and no instruction booklet. In other words, much higher quality and more intuitive than Ikea.

 Inspiration: Industrial Design, Frank Lloyd Wright, Architecture, The Southwest.

 Process: From picking out the 2” thick Walnut for the tabletop, to overseeing the management of the woodwork and fabricating the metal, this piece was a challenge. Utilizing mild steel, bolts, and machine fasteners the piece was MIG welded and Custom woodworked in both Oakland and Alameda.

 Final Design: Every time we go back to Kate Ellen’s shop (Crown Nine) we are filled with pride at seeing this piece at the heart of the space.

It all came together in the final 24 hours before she took it to the Coeurs LA Design Tradeshow. When we asked how the installation went, she simply sent back a picture of the whole space setup (pictured here). She said that her space was pretty much the 12sticks booth.

When she came back she made it a centerpiece of her new space and as pictured here the stands or table are in almost every photo of the interior of Crown Nine.