I work best when I’m swimming in the material because so many of the ideas come from the pieces themselves.  I can see the form taking shape in my mind’s eye, and then I’ll either sketch it on paper, develop a 3-d structural mockup, or delve into the freeform creation directly.

In one mode, an intuition for a physical expression will bubble up within me and I’ll be compelled to document the vision.  In those moments, I’ll search for the right pieces and the right materials that most closely evoke the desired emotional or intellectual response.  Sometimes I’ve searched for years, and I have piece knowing that I’ve always found the right form to match my visions in due time.

At other times, I’ll see a piece that is just so amazing that it calls to be used in a certain way and I completely design around it. The piece is central and the lines and negative spaces that come from it dictate what goes where and how I formulate the final creation.

These are the two sides of the free flowing experience of creation and creativity that I like to call “intuition surfing.”